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Drum Pumps

Drum Pumps are designed to transport or dispense the contents of drums, pails, or tanks. Pumps are driven by a variety of methods including hand operation, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic driven motors. Explosive environments or flammable fluids may require an intrinsically safe actuation method.The type of displacement pump used as drum pumps is application specific.

Performance curves can be consulted for comparing the media type along with the head, the flowrate, cv, and pump pressure required. Displacement pumps mechanically compress fluid by decreasing the volume of a chamber containing the fluid. Two popular types of drum pumps are the diaphragm and piston pumps. These pumps drive fluid via a pulsed discharge due to the characteristics of the pumping technology of cycling air or fluid through the pump system. Hand operation of drum pumps requires handles, levers, or plungers to begin dispensation of the fluid. Double action drum pumps allow the fluid to be delivered on the front and back or up and down stroke of the handle or lever. Drum pumps may mount manually or with a clamp. In on site or field refueling applications, a discharge hose and nozzle may be an integral part of drum pumps to avoid pouring or spilling the petroleum-based product.

A nozzle or faucet may installed above or below the pump. Media characteristics and tank size may not be conducive to portability requirements. Although drum pumps may be portable and lighter in weight, it may be preferable to keep the pail, drum or barrel stationary due to the properties of the fluid and the pumping environment. In automated fluid transfer processes in industries such as in the chemical, water, marine, and/or the paper industries, drum pumps may be mounted on large tanks and may transfer corrosive media, cleaning solutions, salt water, or slurries to storage tanks or treatment systems. Accessories such as hoses, nozzles, suction pipe, security systems, gates, and strainers may be required for the application.