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Some of the most useful conversion tools
For your ready use, herewith we have presented some of the most useful conversion tools. In order to use these your browser must be JavaScript compatible and have Javascript enabled. Click on below option to open its conversion tool, click again to close the same.

Definitions and Abbreviations

Mains Pressure Over and above 0.2 to 10 bar pressure
VA Apparent power
AC Alternating current
V Volt
DC Direct current
Hz Hertz, unit of frequency
Bar Unit of pressure measurement
C Degrees Celsius
Tu Ambient temperature
Tm Medium temperature
EN European norm
UL Underwriters laboratories (USA)
BEAB British Electrotechnical Approvals Board
NSF National Sanitation Foundation (USA)
WRAC Water Research Council
BSP British standard pipe thread
NPT National pipe thread (USA)
GAZ Equivalent to British Standard pipe thread