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Kiwi Pumps production overview.


Kiwi Pumps production process:

  • At Kiwi Pumps, manufacturing of QUALITY PUMPS in based on team work philosophy that characterizes pump design & engineering.
  • Material resources planning translate the management goals & priorities into Material, Men & Machine requirements. This helps in shorter lead times and on-time delivery.
  • Different steps of the manufacturing process take place in a single production unit & this helps in co-ordination of various activities, namely marketing to engineering & manufacturing to final testing.
  • Easy & fast assembly of components assures prompt delivery of the pumps. In addition, availability of large stock of components at any time guarantees timely supply of spares parts.
  • The pumps are painted according to the company specifications or to the customer’s specification when order quantity is high.
  • he packing is made carefully so as to protect the product and guarantee its perfect condition at delivery.