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Kiwi Pumps, Rajkot

About Us

The company you are about to get to know owes its success to a number of factors, namely fundamental values; Innovation; Fundamental importance to people & team work and informal relationships.

An Overview Of the Company

KIWI PUMPS was incorporated in the year 1999 as a small scale unit. Domestic Pumps were manufactured in the beginning. Within a short span of time, V-4 Submersible pumps were introduced into the market. Kiwi Pumps was the first unit to manufacture V-3 submersible pumps in India. Again, it was KIWI PUMPS to introduce V-4 submersible pumps using investment castings made of stainless steel in India. Recently, the unit has introduced V-6 submersible pumps using Stainless Steel bowl and impeller in radial & mixed flow model. Fair Trading, punctuality as well as the capacity in supplying high quality products in short time are the main characteristics of KIWI PUMPS


KIWI PUMPS was promoted in the year 1999, arising from the separation of previous company with 15 years experience by a team of highly motivated, quality conscious and technology-savvy brothers. The promoters are competent, innovative and independent.

Plant and Machinery

The company’s plant and office are located at the same place, having vast capacity of manufacturing of pumps. The plant is equipped with variety of production machinery, such as Lathes, Drilling Machines, Hydraulic Presses, and Welding Machines etc. Testing and Quality control instruments such as Balancing Machine, Flow measuring equipments, Dynamometer, instruments for measuring electrical parameters such as computer aided pumpsets testing unit with customized software, Current, Wattage, Frequency, High voltage test equipment etc. are all available. In short, all the instruments that are required to measure the quality parameters are available in the unit.

Quality Systems

Constant commitment of KIWI PUMPS to pursue the target of quality improvement has been recognized through the certification of its quality system according to ISO 9001:2000 standards in the year 2003 and the certification is obtained from TUV SUDDEUTSCHLAND INDIA. Recertification is obtained in the year 2006 from TUV South Asia Private Ltd. The company has also obtained ISI mark from Bureau of Indian Standards for submersible pumps.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of KIWI PUMPS to achieve total Quality through performance Excellence. Total Quality means – meet the requirements, produce error-free work, Manage by prevention and measure by cost of Quality.

Individually and in teams, all employees will involve in understanding, anticipate and surpass the expectations of customers and markets without error, on time, every time by maintaining an effective QMS as per ISO-9001:2000 system.

It will be KIWI’s endeavor to make continual improvements that focuses on minimizing waste and variability.


KIWI PUMPS believes in technology which creates value for itself and for those who choose us. With this in mind, Kiwi pumps has initiated number of new works and results are:

  • Introduction of V-4 submersible pumps with brass components for the first time in India in the year 2000.
  • Introduction of V-3 submersible pumps for the first time in India, in the year 2001.
  • Introduction of V-6 submersible pumps with Investment Casted Stainless Steel Bowl and impellers in Radial & Mixed flow varieties.
  • Introduction of V-6 submersible pumps with Investment Casted Stainless Steel Bowl and impellers in Radial & Mixed flow varieties.


KIWI PUMPS has been awarded Jamnalal Bajaj Award – 2006 top trophy for the fair business policies followed by Council for Fair Business Practices for the year 2006

Market Network

Products of the company are marketed in India in different states through a network of dealers. The main areas covered by the company are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal.

Company manufactures & supplies pumps in other brand names to the leading submersible pumps manufactures of India. The company also exports directly to different countries.

Development Work

Producing technology implies anticipating new solutions, forseeing new uses and discovering alternative applications and materials. Kiwi Pumps has always sought to be innovative, interpreting and defining it into new dimensions and new functions. The company looks for new development works keeping in view the latest trends in the world. Computer Aided Design is carried out in the new developmental works and in modifications. Help of technical consultants is taken to develop the new products with an aim of achieving the best possible Quality & to suit the customer’s requirement.

Human Resource Development

The company places a great emphasis on human resources development. Each & every employee is trained to work in more than one area. Freedom to approach any person at all levels is given to everyone and thus making an open organization structure. We welcome constructive criticism and regard this as an incentive to further improve the company.