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KIWI PUMPS supports its distributors / dealers by providing technical Literature, Advertisement materials, by participating in exhibitions & agricultural fairs etc.

In addition to the above, number of schemes are run and discounts / incentives are given so as to increase the sales turn over, profit etc.

Kiwi'S supply chain system

The company manufacturer's submersible pumps for domestic & agricultural purposes. In general the users depend on selection of products on dealers / distributors because of knowledge, service provision, credit facilities etc. Under these circumstances distributor / dealer link has to be the strongest in the whole chain of activities.

Distributor / Retailor Training:

Training is provided to distributors / dealers on how to read the product literature, how to select a product best suited to the customers etc. The product is to be selected based on various parameters, such as:

  • - Availability of water quantity.
  • - Depth at which the water is available.
  • - Variation in water level w.r.t. seasons.
  • - Quantity of water required.
  • - Availability of power connection.
  • - Financial capability of the customers etc.

Stock Holding Norms:

The requirements of the customers vary to a great extent. The company manufacturers a great number of varieties of pumps and it is not possible to stock all the such varieties for immediate delivery. Few models are sold in big numbers and only those models are kept in stock by the distributors / dealers. In all other cases, they procure the required items by placing order on the unit.

Permitted Margins:

The retail prices are printed along with details of the products. Standard deductions are given to the distributors /dealers, such as standard deduction, warranty discount, discount for advance payment, turnover discount etc. Thus the margins are fixed. Some concessions are given by the distributors / dealer to the customer and thus the profits are reduced to that extent.

Product Withdrawal Procedure:

In general necessity of product withdrawal does not arise in this type of business and as such there is no specific requirement.

Disposal Of Old / And Or Rejected Parts:

Purchases are made w.r.t quality parameters and hence if any materials are rejected, the same are sent back to the supplier. In case any items are rejected because of in-process problems, the same are stored until salable lots are ready and then disposed off.


Representatives are available to conduct seminars on installation and operation of submersible pumps, submersible motors and controls. Contact us to schedule a time when we may assist in training your personnel.

If you would like to know more about our training sessions, Please send us an email to or use our feedback form.

Trade Show:

Kiwi Pumps participates in major water well industry trade shows around the country and abroad.

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