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Kiwi Pumps, Rajkot


InnovationQuality of the products is maintained by adopting QMS system as per ISO 9001:2000 system. Raw materials & other components are procured as per the stated specifications. The same are checked for Quality w.r.t. test certificates provided by the supplier / incoming inspection within the company.

At each stage of manufacture, dimensional accuracies are checked w.r.t drawings. Final testing is carried out after assembly by testing in the test set-up for flow, head, efficiency etc.

Quality of service to the customer is of high standards. As soon as the orders are received, delivery periods are decided and accordingly production is planned.

Products are packed in such a way that there won’t be any damage during transportation from factory to the customer.

In case of customer related problems, actions are taken on priority to solve their problems by involving Production & Quality Assurance department personnel.

In short quality of product & service are maintained at all costs.